Paleo Mind

Being a brainwave entrainment geek, I’ve been patiently waiting these past few years for advancement in the science of binaural beats. Not that I’m unhappy by any means, but as an enthusiast one always likes to see progression in technology – something different from what’s already out there, some progression, something new and exciting. My […] review

As you know I’m bang into my binaural beats and iso tones, but in truth I’m a fan of all brain entrainment, be it through frequencies or voice. I love subliminal messaging, guided meditations and self hypnosis. And last month I decided I needed to update my iPod with some new hypnosis recordings. It was […]

kelly howell meditation

I have a lot of respect for Kelly Howell, not just because she is awesome at what she does, but because she is one of very few women in the brainwave entrainment space and has held her own, consistently producing superb quality for the last 10 or more years. Her company Brain Sync has gone […]

binaural beats headphones

The truth is, when it comes to using binaural beats you can use low-end earbud headphones like those that come free with your iPod. But, if like me you want a more “in-head” experience, and want to hear the quality of the soundscape and get the most out of your binaural beats, you will be […]

Theta Binaural Beats

Theta binaural beats operate within the frequency range of 4-7 hertz. They are generally connected to advanced meditation but they are also known to assist the initial stage of sleep. However, recent studies have identified that tuning into binaural beats can have a positive impact on our psychological well-being. This is particularly true of Theta […]

Endorphins binaural beats

Scientists have recently discovered that many mental functions are heightened when endorphins released within the brain are exposed to alpha and theta binaural beat arrangements. Research has shown that endorphins can enhance learning and memory, even helping to reverse the effects of amnesia in some cases. One notable research experiment by David de Weid concluded […]

binaural beats for focus

If there’s one area that binaural beats really come into their own its for upping work productivity and putting you into the focus zone! Perhaps one of the hardest things in life is to knuckle down and get what you need to get done…well, done basically. Whether it’s an essay, a work project in the […]

how to use binaural beats

Although binaural beats entrain the brain, which essentially means you simply have to be present enough to be listening to feel the effects, there are a few things you should consider doing to improve your binaural beats music experience. If you’re wondering how to use binaural beats these 6-steps will help you get the most […] © 2013.