The Best 5 Binaural Beats Money Can Buy

I have been using binaural beats for 10 years, so I know a thing or two about quality and effects. There are probably 100 brands/companies on the market selling BBs, but not all are equal, trust me.

This is my top 5 page. I have provided a small overview of each, and all 5 offer free samples or trials, so take advantage of that. Enjoy!

1. Ennora Binaural Beats

In at #1 is Ennora. I have been using this brand for the last year and I must say they aren’t wrong when they say it is “powerful.”  They do an awesome Super Pack of 8-recordings for just $67.

They also sell the recordings in packs of 2 and separately as single downloads, but it works out much cheaper to buy them in one go. The quality of the recordings are superior and the after sales support is also solid. I emailed these guys a number of times and they always come back within 24-hours.

The Super-Pack Includes 8 Recordings:

1. Chakra Balance

2. Astral Projection

3. Deep Concentration

4. Crystal Clear Mind

5. Recharge and Refresh

6. God Consciousness

7. Lucid Dreams

8. Perfect Sleep


2. BBM – Mega Meditation Pack  stands for binaural beats meditation, and it’s a tough call between these guys and Ennora.  is newer on the block and doesn’t have the brand recognition of Ennora, but the quality of recordings is very good, and some of the soundscapes used are awesome, particularly on Zen Focus, Creativity Boost, and Anxiety Release.

There is beautiful use of natural rain and ambience on a few of the recordings, which is really quite hypnotizing and gets you “in the zone’.

The main difference between the two brands is simply preference, e.g. Enorra cover a couple of areas BBM don’t and vice versa. And of course a $20 price difference on the packs.  also give away two free guides too; one with Astral Projection and one a standard BBs guide, but you can get the latter anyway if you sign up to get the sample.  The Mega Meditation Pack comprises 12 recordings for $59.99, and each recording is available to buy separately at $9.99.

1. Zen Focus

2. Super Brain Power

3. Energy Express

4. Creativity Boost

5. Chill Pill

6. Anxiety Release

7. Deep Meditation

8. Optimum Sleep

9. Spiritual Awakening

10. Astral Projection (comes with a free Astral Projection eBook guide).

11.Chakra Healing

12. Positive Thinking

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3. Brain Evolution System

BrainEv has six different levels that help activate “peak performance” states – such as deep meditation, razor-sharp focus, a sense of wellbeing, increased creativity, heightened problem solving and total relaxation.

BES claims to give  more powerful results than other methods, by utilizing a 3-Point-Dynamic-Entrainment-Audio-Process (3P D.E.A.P.). They say the 3P D.EA.P. technology combines the three most effective brainwave entrainment methods available – matching the complexity of your brains natural brainwave rhythms, for the greatest possible success.

I am not sure about this. I find with all BB recordings, the brain acts like a muscle; by continuing to practice, greater strength is built up. As long as you buy quality binaural beats you will feel great effects on your life.

I bought BES a few years back, and while I think it’s good, it isn’t cheap. You pay $99 monthly over 3 months, and for some people this isn’t viable.

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4. Genius Brain Power

GBP focusses on increasing brain power by using isochronic tones, similar to binaural but a slightly different method. I used this system in university to get me through periods of hard study and late nights.

In terms of value for money, if you are looking to increase focus, clarity, concentration, and boost brain bower, there isn’t better deal than this. You get like 30 brain entrainment tracks for $97. The marketing copy says these tones have a more lasting effect than binaural beats, but that isn’t my experience.

These recordings are targeted mainly at brain power, which is great for language learning and study, but if you’re looking to optimize other areas of your life then go for a more varied pack like BBM or Ennora.

>> The Genius Brain Power

5. Unexplainable Store

This place sells binaural beats for just about everything. The quality isn’t as good as Ennora or, but the recordings are cheaper and the variety is broader. They also sell binaural beats with affirmations behind them, which is cool for targeting self-confidence and self-esteem training.

If you are interested in spiritual things then this is a really cool place to check out. They sell crystals and other meditation tools, too. For me this store is fun, and a great entry level for binaural beats.

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