The Best 5 Binaural Beats Money Can Buy

I have been using binaural beats for 10 years, so I know a thing or two about quality and effects. There are probably 100 brands/companies on the market selling BBs, but not all are equal, trust me.

This is my top 5 page, where I give you my personal recommendations.

I have provided a small overview of each, and all 5 offer free samples or trials, so take advantage of that.


1.  is a medium-sized store with awesome audios for sale at very reasonable prices. The store is run by brain entrainment/meditation enthusiasts, and this really shines through in the quality of the tracks and the personal level of customer service.

Particular favourites for me are Positive Thinking, Zen Focus, Creativity Boost, and Anxiety Release.

I also love Super Brain Power, which features a straight 30-minutes of naturally recorded rain ambience. this won’t appeal to everyone, but it’s really hypnotizing and gets you “in the zone’, so to speak.  give away a free guide when you sign up for samples (you also get this when you purchase any download.

Best value is the Mega Meditation Pack, which comprises 12 audios for $59.99. Each download is available to buy separately at $9.99.

The BBM Catalogue

1. Zen Focus

2. Super Brain Power

3. Energy Express

4. Creativity Boost

5. Chill Pill

6. Anxiety Release

7. Deep Meditation

8. Deep Sleep

9. Spiritual Awakening

10. Astral Projection (comes with a free Astral Projection eBook guide).

11.Chakra Healing

12. Positive Thinking

13. Lucid Dreaming

14. Power Nap

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2. Ennora Binaural Beats

In at #2 is I have been using this brand for a few years, and I still listen to the recordings on a regular basis. These are well-produced binaural beats that  seem to hold their power where many others lose influence after a few listens.

Ennora do an awesome Super Pack of 8-downloads for $67. A tad pricey but well-worth having as you’ll be listening to these tracks for years.

They also sell the recordings in packs of two, and separately as single download. The quality of the audio is super, and the after sales support is also solid. I emailed these guys a number of times and they always come back within 24-hours.

The Catalogue Includes:

1. Chakra Balance

2. Astral Projection

3. Deep Concentration

4. Crystal Clear Mind

5. Recharge and Refresh

6. God Consciousness

7. Lucid Dreams

8. Perfect Sleep


3. Unexplainable Store

This place sells binaural beats for just about everything. In my opinion the production quality isn’t as good as BBM or Ennora, but the recordings are cheaper and the variety is broader.

They also sell binaural beats with affirmations behind them, which is cool for targeting self-confidence and self-esteem training, and isochronic tones, if you fancy trying an alternative form of brainwave entrainment.

If you are interested in spiritual things then this is a really cool place to check out. They sell crystals and other meditation tools, too. For me this store is fun, and a great entry level for binaural beats.

Fun and reasonable priced, and lots of variety will keep you going back for more.

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4. Brain Evolution System

If it’s a proven binaural beats system you’re after, then look no further than Holosync.

This tried and tested program has been about for over 12 years, and used by hundreds of thousands of people.

Holosync uses six different levels that help activate “peak performance” states – such as deep meditation, razor-sharp focus, a sense of wellbeing, increased creativity, heightened problem solving and total relaxation.

Holosync focus largely on eliminating “dysfunctional” feelings and behaviors and the problems they create in your life, and naturally stimulating the production of brain chemicals that dramatically slow aging, increase longevity and make you happier.

These are huge claims, but the Centerpointe research institute that produced Holosync (along with founder Bill Harris),  does have the research to back it up, not to mention thousands of happy customers.

At the end of the day, in my opinion, the brain acts like a muscle: by continuing to use brainwave entrainment audios, greater strength is built up and the positive effects on your life become broader and more apparent every day.

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5. Genius Brain Power

If you’re looking to increase IQ, concentration and memory, Genius Brain Power is a great choice.

GBP uses isochronic tones, similar to binaural but a slightly newer, different method that doesn’t require headphones. Many people claim that these tones have a more powerful effect than binaural beats, but that isn’t my experience.

There’s also less research behind isochronic tones, so this theory is yet to be proven.

I used the Genius Brain Power system in university to get me through periods of hard study and late nights, and it definitely works wonders for boosting your ability to maintain high-level brain power through lack of sleep and hard study.

In terms of value for money, if you are looking to increase focus, clarity, concentration, and boost brain bower, there isn’t better deal than this. You get around 30 audios for $97.

Remember these audios mainly use Beta frequencies that target increasing brain power, which is great for study and memory improvement, but if you’re looking to optimize other areas of your life, then go for a more varied pack like offers.

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